By Dr David Kahn, DMD & Dr John Pergolizzi, DMD
February 22, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Interested in teeth whitening but want to know if it’s really safe for your smile? Find out now.

Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? Almost everyone will agree that a radiant, white smile is beautiful and attractive. But if years of eatingteeth whitening and drinking certain foods or smoking cigarettes have left you with stained teeth, then it’s time to talked to your Ringwood dentists Dr. David Kahn and Dr. John Pergolizzi about professional teeth whitening. Find out how teeth whitening works and whether it’s safe for your smile.

Is professional teeth whitening safe?

You’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief when we tell you that no major dental issues have been linked to teeth whitening products when they have been used properly. Of course, tooth sensitivity can occur in some patients when using whitening products. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to consider getting professional whitening from your Ringwood cosmetic dentist, as we can monitor your sensitivity and alter your treatment to reduce your chances of experiencing sensitivity (this is something that is almost impossible to do with at-home whitening treatments).

Sure, a whitening gel is strong enough to remove stains from the surface of your teeth but it will not damage healthy tooth enamel when used correctly. When you come in for a consultation we can examine your smile to determine if whitening treatment is really the best and safest option for you.

How does teeth whitening work?

Even though all whitening treatments are different, most contain one of these active ingredients: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Since carbamide peroxide is often slower acting than hydrogen peroxide it tends to be more commonly found in the at-home whitening systems provided by your general dentist in Ringwood, NJ. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, is used to remove surface stains and deep-set discolorations in teeth and tends to offer faster results for professional in-office teeth whitening.

Whether you have questions about our whitening treatment or you are ready to schedule your first whitening appointment our Ringwood, NJ dental office is here to serve you. Turn to Dr. David Kahn, DMD & Dr. John Pergolizzi, DMD to get the smile you want.


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